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Greenhouse Gas Concentrations - Graphing Tool

Interactive Atmospheric Data Visualization (IADV) Tool

Generate graphs showing the abundance of various gases measured at more than 200 sampling sites around the world.

Climate Statistics at Individual Stations — Data Tables

Comparative Climatic Data

This site provides data tables for comparing record-setting conditions and Climate Normals at major U.S.

U.S. Climatological Rankings - Ranking Chart

Climatological Rankings

When you hear or see news that a region had its hottest or wettest month since records began, you can check the climatological record books yourself. Use this page to see how conditions in U.S.

Evaporative Stress Index - Maps

GOES Evapotranspiration and Drought (GET-D)

Images produced from satellite data show Evaporative Stress Index (ESI), a measure that can be used to estimate current drought conditions.

    1981-2010 Climate Normals - Climographs

    Data Tools: 1981-2010 Normals

    Simple graphs of Climate Normal data for temperature and precipitation can characterize a location's climate through the year, month, or day.

    1981-2010 Climate Normals - Data Table

    1981-2010 US Normals Data (Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Annual )

    Climate Normals reflect a weather station's previous three decades of observed weather. This historical perspective provides a way to compare conditions to the relatively recent long-term average.

    Monthly Climate Conditions - Interactive Map

    Climate at a Glance: U.S. Mapping

    This interactive mapping interface displays data for each of the 344 climate divisions in the U.S. Climate Divisional Database.

    Monthly Climatic Data for the World - Data Tables

    Monthly Climatic Data for the World

    Monthly issues of this publication from May of 1948 through the present contain monthly mean temperature, pressure, precipitation, vapor pressure, and sunshine recorded at approximately 2,000 surface data collection stati

    Temperature and Precipitation Trends- Graphing Tool

    Climate at a Glance: Time Series - Contiguous U.S.

    Historical records of temperature and precipitation give you a way to see how they have changed over time.

    Extreme Weather Records by State - Data Table

    State Climate Extremes Committee

    What were the highest and lowest temperatures in your state, and when and where were they measured?