This movie shows maps of monthly temperature anomalies (differences from normal) from January through December 2010 for the Northern Hemisphere. Places where temperatures were up to 7 degrees Celsius warmer than average (1971-2000) are red, while places where temperatures were up to 7 degrees cooler than average are blue. Locations where temperatures were near the long-term average are white.

The pattern of alternating warm and cool temperature anomalies around the Northern Hemisphere high latitudes at the beginning and end of the year is a classic sign of the negative phase of a natural climate pattern known as the Arctic Oscillation. The pattern has the strongest influence on temperatures in the winter.



Climate Patterns & 2010 Temperatures: Near-record Warmth, Strong Natural Variability

State of the Climate in 2010.

NOAA visualization by Ned Gardiner, based on Global Historical Climatology Network data from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.