Nuorten Ilmastohuippukokous

Climate Youth Summits

In the Finland Youth Climate Summit, junior high school students from all over Finland will gather to create a climate action plan for their schools, while their teachers learn how to support them, with coaching from experts. It is the most remarkable climate education event in the country, leading not only to learning but also to concrete actions.


The goal is to give an opportunity and tools to junior high students to create solutions to climate change. We also hope that understanding the reasons and the leverage points to climate change the students will reach more sustainable mindsets.

“Easy decisions now - A hard future for us!”

Uusikaupunki school, 13 years

High Level Impact: 

The students will learn about climate change and how they can affect to it. The students will pass the message in their school to other students.

Point of Contact: 

Sanna Koskinen,, WWF