Perspectives on Climate Change in Maine

October 22, 2009


From the Oregon Sea Grant original Video Transcript:

1. Perspectives on Climate Change in Maine

George Jacobson – I think most gardeners and people interested in horticulture, and so forth, who would, are familiar with the horticultural zones that we recognize along in North America. And if we change by a few degrees, Just two or three or four degrees warmer, is enough to make Maine’s climate be more like Connecticut’s. And if it gets a little warmer than that, like even New Jersey’s climate. So that’s a way of having a gauge for the kinds of changes that are going on. If the sea level goes up two or three feet along the coast of Maine in this century, that’s a very significant change. And, it certainly has a big influence on parts of the shoreline, especially with soft shorelines as opposed to bedrock shorelines. And, we can expect more storm damage too, more erosion during storms and damage to structures that are nearby, and things like that.

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