U.S. Climatological Rankings - Ranking Chart

Climatological Rankings

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When you hear or see news that a region had its hottest or wettest month since records began, you can check the climatological record books yourself. Use this page to see how conditions in U.S. Climate Divisions, states, or regions over a month or longer period rank among the historical record.

Where did these data come from?

Weather stations across the country gather daily observational data such as the high and low temperature of the day and the amount of precipitation that fell. Results from across the country are compiled at the National Center for Environmental Information in Asheville, North Carolina. After quality control of the data (for instance, removing values that indicate an instrument is not working), monthly values are averaged across geographic areas (division, state, region, etc.). Ranks are assigned based on how the temperature or precipitation value compares with other values for the same region when sorted from lowest to highest value for the entire period of record.