What are the causes and effects of ENSO?

This activity addresses naturally occurring climate change involving ENSO (El-NiÃo Southern Oscillation). In this activity, students play the role of a policy maker in Peru. First, they determine what sort of ENSO variation is occurring. Then, they must decide how to allocate Peru's resources to manage for possible weather-related problems.

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Sarah Bednarz
Texas AM University
From the On The Cutting Edge activity collection
Activity takes five to six 45-minute class periods for this investigation.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

To be specific the learning goals for this lesson that come from the driving question of "What are the causes and effects of ENSO?" are:

The student will learn the economic impact of an El NiÃo using Peru as an example.

The student will understand the various policies that the Peruvian government should establish to mitigate the negative economic impact from an El NiÃo.

The student will learn how to analyze satellite data as presented on a map.

The student will hone oral presentation and group collaboration skills.

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