Sea Change Part III: Interpreting the Results

This video is the third in a three-part series by the Sea Change project, about scientists' search for Pleiocene beaches in Australia and elsewhere to establish sea level height during Earth's most recent previous warm period. This segment features the research of Jerry Mitrovica, Harvard geophysicist.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Can be viewed as a stand-alone video or in concert with the videos of Parts 1 and 2 featured on the Sea Change website [link].

Utilize background information on the Sea Change website.

Educator should be cautious about the implication of uncertainty in understanding sea level rise. The video finishes on a note of uncertainty (with respect to the historical sea level rise, not the current sea level rise). This topic is well understood, and sea level projections today are very accurate. Because of this and to avoid confusion, it is suggested that this be used at college level only.