Oceans of Energy?

This lesson focuses on the importance of ocean exploration as a way to learn how to capture, control, and distribute renewable ocean energy resources. Students begin by identifying ways the ocean can generate energy and then research one ocean energy source using the Internet. Finally, students build a Micro-Hydro Electric Generator.

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NOAA Ocean Explorer
Activity takes four to five 45-minute lesson periods. Additional materials needed.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

All the primary links work as of April 5, 2011.

This is a good introductory lesson to renewable energy with a focus on oceanic sources.

Costs: materials for micro-hydro electric generator.

The construction of all the components of the micro-hydro generator is likely too difficult for middle schoolers.

The preparation time is very extensive, and it would be helpful to create a micro-hydro electric generator as a model.

This is classic project-based learning and may be applicable as a unit of instruction.

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