Normal Climate Patterns

This activity develops students' understanding of climate by having them make in-depth examinations of historical climate patterns using both graphical and map image formats rather than presenting a general definition of climate. Students explore local climate in order to inform a pen pal what type of weather to expect during an upcoming visit. Students generate and explore a variety of graphs, charts, and map images and interpret them to develop an understanding of climate.

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Betsy Youngman
LuAnn Dahlman
Earthlabs from TERC

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Google Earth must be installed prior to activity.

There is a link from the teacher support materials for the lab to the student materials but no link the other way.

Educator should be aware that units are not specific on the axes. It is implicit in the annual data below the climographs, but it should be on the axes, especially for precipitation, whose units people are not necessarily familiar with.

There is a high language load so the educator may need to spend time developing vocabulary.

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