Increased Emissions: Climate Change, Lines of Evidence

This video is one of a seven, Climate Change: Lines of Evidence series, produced by the the National Research Council. It outlines and explains what evidence currently exists in support of humans playing a role in contributing to the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

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Board on Atmospheric Science and Climate
The National Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

If video is implemented in middle or high school classrooms, pausing periodically to review and discuss might help students absorb the breadth of the information.

Prepare handouts with the different graphs and let students take notes directly on them.

Provide students the opportunity to ask questions and research how the data was collected, limitations of the data sets, and assumptions made in the data analysis.

The following resources may give students the opportunity to easily analyze the data presented in the video:

Mauna Loa CO2 measurements: [link]
Concentrations of CO2 from year 0 to 2005: [link];

Paper written by Revelle and Seuss: [link];

Paper written by Bolin and Eriksson: [link]
GlobalView CO2 Map: [link];

Recent Monthly CO2: [link];

Ice Age Cycles (800,000 years): [link];

Atmospheric Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and Radiative Forcing: [link

Global Methane vs. Time: [link

Global CFC concentrations vs. Time: [link];

AIRS Mid-Tropospheric Carbon Dioxide animation: [link];

Nations' CO2 production since the Industrial Revolution: [link]