Impacts of Change in Glacier Ice

This is a five-activity module that explores the evidence for and impacts of melting glacial ice, with resources from major institutions and scientists who study glaciers -- primarily in Arctic areas. The suite of activities includes both glaciers and melting ice, as well as the impact of melt water downstream. Each activity follows the 5E model of Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation.

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Alaska Sea Grant

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Because this lesson is designed for Alaskan schools and is focused on the Arctic, it may be difficult to adapt for other states, but it is a solid, regionally focused resource about important climate and geoscience concepts.

Whole module takes 9 to 11 days to complete, although activities can be "chunked" if less time is available.

Hands-on activities, combined with background content and images, provide an engaging suite of resources.