How Permanent is Permafrost?

In this activity, students use Google Earth and team up with fictional students in Chersky, Russia to investigate possible causes of thawing permafrost in Siberia and other Arctic regions. Students explore the nature of permafrost and what the effects of thawing permafrost mean both locally and globally. Next, students use a spreadsheet to explore soil temperature data from permafrost boreholes and surface air temperature datasets from in and around the Chersky region for a 50-year time span.

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Marian Grogan
et. al.
Earth Exploration Toolbook/TERC
Activity takes about three to five 45-minute class periods. Computer access is required.

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

The "show me" feature that helps students through problems and procedures using software is exemplary.

Some students will need support guidance with data access and analysis steps.

Entire activity online. Students just need to follow the steps.

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