How does energy affect wildlife?

This learning activity that asks students to consider the impacts of different types of electricity generation on wildlife. Students are asked some questions about their beliefs and knowledge on the topic, and then read a summary of a life cycle assessment of wildlife impacts for electricity generation via coal, nuclear power, hydropower, and wind power. Students are asked to rank the energy sources from least to most harmful impact on wildlife, and reflect on their rankings.

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Windwise Education Program
Kid Wind Project

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This is one of several learning activities developed by this organization exploring wind energy. Other resources can be found on their website:

The activity may be a bit overambitious for one class period, as it has a lot of information to absorb and act on.

Given the open ended nature, there is no one answer key for final products/projects, so the instructor may need to be familiar with the topic or research it a bit more in depth.

The summaries of the material may oversimplify/understate impacts, so the instructor may want to do more research on the effects and impacts, and find examples.