How do seasonal temperature patterns vary among different regions of the world?

Students use the GLOBE Student Data Archive and visualizations to display current temperatures on a map of the world. They explore the patterns in the temperature map, looking especially for differences between different regions and hemispheres and zoom in for a closer look at a region that has a high density of student reporting stations (such as the US and Europe). Students compare and contrast the patterns in these maps looking for seasonal patterns.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

To make students familiar with using graphs to explore seasonal changes, it is suggested to do this activity first: [link 'What Are Some Factors That Affect Seasonal Patterns?'].

The background section doesn't stress why the understanding of seasonal variability is important to the understanding of climate change. Educators should supplement the activity with this information.

This activity is one of a collection of activities of the GLOBE program's Earth as a System seasons and phenology activities and is probably best used in combination with related GLOBE activities.See more information about the GLOBE Program at