Greenhouse Gases Exposed

In this activity, students learn about the relationship between greenhouse gases and global warming through a simple teacher demo or hands-on lab activity. Everyday materials are used: beakers, baking soda, vinegar, candle, thermometers, heat source such as a goose-necked lamp, etc. Students shine a light onto three thermometers: a control, an upside down beaker w/ a thermometer and air, and a beaker in which CO2 had been poured.

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Victoria Babcock
Janet Collie

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Educator should plan on at least two class periods to complete activity.

It's important to ensure that students understand the distinction between the physical barrier of an actual greenhouse and the heat-trapping effect of CO2.

One has to look at the EcoHealth "Teacher" page to determine the grade level that 'Greenhouse Gases Exposed' is designed to serve â fifth through eighth graders. The grade level can be noted easily by clicking on the "Teachers" link.

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