Greenhouse Gases: A Closer Look

This lesson covers different aspects of the major greenhouse gases - water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides and CFCs - including some of the ways in which human activities are affecting the atmospheric concentrations of these key greenhouse gases. This is lesson six in a nine-lesson module about climate change.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Because this is module 6 of a longer set of modules, a certain amount of background knowledge is assumed within the areas of chemistry, physics and quantitative thinking. This may be off-putting for some students, so educators may want to provide scaffolding to support students as they work through the questions.

Whole module is available at [link

Depending on background knowledge, instructors may want to explain the IR graph in a bit more detail (such as explaining what transmittance is) to increase student understanding.

This activity could span at least two class periods if completed start to finish. Or, specific parts of the activity could be used within a lecture or lab.