Floating Architecture: Preparing for a Life on Water

This slideshow lays out a photo story with short descriptions of how city buildings all over the world are taking climate change and rising sea level seriously, designing structures that can react to unforeseen changes. As sea levels continue to rise, architects design ways to live with the rising water.

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Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Strongly suggest that educator obtains a map of areas that will be impacted by sea level rise. See: [link http://library.globalchange.gov/a-human-health-perspective-on-climate-ch... or [link http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/cities-at-risk-from-rising-sea].

Photo story could be used in a variety of courses: design/technology/engineering, geography, marine science/oceanography, climate change.

Students could be encouraged to consider these designs when under severe weather events.

Students could be encouraged to design and explain their own resolution to coastal cities dealing with sea level rise.

Highly recommend that educators connect the images to the content in the articles referenced in the slideshow.