Eyewitnesses to Change

In this activity students explore recent changes in the Arctic's climate that have been observed and documented by indigenous Arctic residents. Students watch a video, take notes, and create a concept map. Students also examine and graph historical weather data and indigenous data for an Arctic community. Students explain why natives are critical observers.

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Smithsonian - Natural Museum of Natural History
Activity takes a minimum of one 45-minute class period but offers materials for up to four 45-minute class periods. Equipment to show videos must be available.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This activity involves a freely playable video that has been cut to various lengths. This means that one or more class periods could be involved. Depending on the time constraints the 5 min, 14 min, 42 min versions can be played at http://www.iisd.org/publications/pub.aspx?pno=429] and gives the educator some flexibility. Here is the direct link to the 5 minute version: [http://forces.si.edu/arctic/video/eyewitness.html.