Evidence of Ice Free Seas

In this activity, students make a model sea floor sediment core using two types of buttons to represent fossil diatoms. They then compare the numbers of diatom fossils in the sediment at different depths to determine whether the seas were free of ice while the diatoms were alive.

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LuAnn Dahlman

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

You could also create the diatom chains out of no-bake clay which could then be more realistic than the proposed button model. This would be more engaging.

Download and read the Leader Notes for this activity at http://www.andrill.org/flexhibit/flexhibit/materials/activities/Leader_N....

Consider doing [link http://cleanet.org/resources/42696.html 'Activity 4A: Dead Diatoms do Tell Tales'] before you do this one, 4B.

You may want to add to this by having pictures or microscope slides that show what the button model is supposed to look like.
Flexhibit has some video resources as well: http://www.andrill.org/about/videos], as well as [http://www.andrill.org/system/files/web/files/posters/english/back/poste... or [http://www.andrill.org/flexhibit/flexhibit/materials/activities/Unit4-In...