Estimated International Energy Flows 2007

This set of flow charts illustrates energy sources and uses in 136 countries around the world. The data from 2007, but is still useful for comparing energy patterns in different countries. This is the first comprehensive package of worldwide, country-level energy flowcharts that has been produced.

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Clara Smith
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Teachers will need to come up with their own strategies to make use of this tool by either creating a lesson around it or incorporating it into a unit.

While these diagrams may be initially difficult for some learners to grasp, a careful initial walk-through followed by "pair and share" can help make the basic "spaghetti diagram" logic easier to understand.

These flow charts can be used in an energy unit with a well-crafted inquiry and discovery project that guides students through a global "compare and contrast" exercise where they can construct their own conclusions.

Educators will want to discuss impact of population, geography, and seasonal variability on the magnitude and timing of energy use.

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