Envisioning Climate Change Using a Global Climate Model

This long classroom activity introduces students to a climate modeling software. Students visualize how temperature and snow coverage might change over the next 100 years. They run a 'climate simulation' to establish a baseline for comparison, do a 'experimental' simulation and compare the results. Students will then choose a region of their own interest to explore and compare the results with those documented in the IPCC impact reports. Students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the process and power of climate modeling.

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Betsy Youngman
and team of scientists and educators
Earth Exploration Toolbook Chapter from TERC
Activity takes a solid week to complete in a class (4-5) 50-minute periods. Computer access is necessary.

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Very clear, extremely detailed, and visually-cued directions.

Requires a lot of tech support for teachers and students alike.

Software installation is required and might be a barrier in many school districts.

Data files are very large.

Only available at cost after a test period.

Some of the extensions are Mac-only.

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