Daisyworld - This World is Black and White

This short, engaging video created by NASA presents a complex topic via a simple analogy. The idea of positive and negative feedback is demonstrated by Daisyworld - a world with black and white flowers growing on it.

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Sphere feature LOOP

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Consider using the terms self-reinforcing cycle instead of positive feedback, and self-muting feedback instead of negative feedback. Emphasize to students that these terms are related to mathematical processes, not emotional ones.

A lot of information is presented quickly. Educators may want to play it once all the way through, then again to stop/start and explain things.

This resource will enhance any lesson that is about the relationship between changes in biotic and abiotic variables.

Consider asking students to draw a causal loop diagram for each of the loops and see how they join together.