Cloudy vs. Clear

Students analyze and interpret graphs to compare the flow of shortwave energy from the Sun toward China over the course of a year on cloudy versus clear days.

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Jessica Taylor
Ashwinraj Ravindran
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This is a versatile resource that could be made into a much larger project or a smaller lesson, depending on the age group and the students' familiarity with data interpretation.

It could be extended over a longer time period to open up more detailed discussions.

It may be a good idea to retrieve more recent data (the data on the page is from 2014) and quickly make a plot.

If using the Earth System Data Explorer it is recommended to look at the tutorials.

There are several ways that this activity can be simplified to different grade levels. For example, there is a print out resource for helping students analyze graphs. There is also an opportunity for older students to explore these concepts further by using the Earth System Data Explorer.

This resource could work for a synchronous online discussion focused on noticing and interpreting aspects of the graphs.

The data literacy cubes would be challenging to integrate in an online learning format.