Climographs: Temperature, Precipitation, and the Human Condition

In this activity, students learn how to read, analyze, and construct climographs. These climographs are a graphic way of displaying monthly average temperature and precipitation. Students also practice matching climographs to various locations and summarize global-scale climate patterns revealed by comparing climographs.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Perhaps go through African geography with class to familiarize them with the continent vs countries vs cities in Africa.

Students may need direction in converting inches to centimeters and Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Students may need help reading and creating graphs, e.g., dealing with changing ranges on y-axes.

Not all the vocabulary is related, but may still be useful.

MapMaker interactive tool may be useful in other activities.

Can teach about/highlight seasonality in different hemispheres using this activity.

Can compare past data to current data (e.g. compare last 10 yrs to last 50 yrs) to look more into climate change and interpreting their graphs.

Could link activity to climate normals data.