Charting Temperature Changes

In this activity, students chart temperature changes over time in Antarctica's paleoclimate history by reading rock cores. Students use their data to create an interactive display illustrating how Antarctica's climate timeline can be interpreted from ANDRILL rock cores.

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LuAnn Dahlman
Antarctica's Climate Secrets
Project Andrill

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Activity can be done by the entire class or perhaps two or three groups to give students opportunities for building and analyzing their own display.

This activity is part of the ANDRILL Flexibit suite of activities. Teacher may wish to have one student group build this interactive and present to other students while other student groups build and present other interactives in the suite.

For a simpler version of this activity, teacher may wish to omit the PVC structure of the interactive and have students focus on the core cards.

Note that the PDF file is formatted to be printed double-sided. There are blank pages inserted in places where cards and images will need to print single-sided.