Changing Planet: Ocean Acidification

This video addresses acidification of the ocean and the ecological and economic implications of the resulting pH change on marine life. It includes information about how ocean acidification resulting from increased absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere is affecting ocean species such as sea urchins and oysters. Scientists from the University of California at Santa Barbara discuss their experiments with sea creatures in acidic sea water. There is an associated lesson plan and classroom activity that has students test the effects of CO2 on water pH.

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Video length: 6:20 min.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This is one of 19 videos in the Changing Planet NBC Learn series (as of 7/1/11).

The video can be viewed online but downloading requires a subscription.

The production quality of the embedded video is low-end Youtube level.

The associated classroom activity requires significant setup, but the necessary materials are likely to be available in most schools.