Carbon Stabilization Wedges

This interactive/applet allows the user to explore the potential increase in carbon emissions over the next 50 years, subject to modifications made by the user in various technologies that impact carbon output. Part of the Visualizing and Understanding the Science of Climate Change module.

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T. Keeler
A. Schwalfenberg
D. Vandenbrink
B. Martin
P. Mahaffy
King's Centre for Visualization in Science

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Each "Show/Hide Assumptions" gives the parameters the simulation deems to be realistic scenarios and explains the basic assumptions used as the basis for those parameters. Anything below these parameters will result in a lower "Reality Check" score beneath the graph. These lower parameters could be useful as the basis for guided questions.

Suggest reviewing it in the context of the lesson from which it was extracted, before using on a stand-alone basis.

See CLEAN resource Stabilization Wedges Game [link] for a hands-on carbon stabilization game that has a lot of background information.