Intro to CLEAN - Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network

CLEAN Webinar Series
Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 16:00

Join the CLEAN team for a guided tour of the CLEAN portal. Learn about the CLEAN collection of almost 700 climate and energy educational resources and the range of other supporting materials to help you effectively and accurately teach about climate and energy topics.

Learn more about CLEAN.

The three key components of the CLEAN project are: 

1. The CLEAN Collection of Climate and Energy Science resources- high-quality, digital resources—including learning activities, visualizations, videos, and short demonstrations/experiments—geared toward educators of students in secondary through undergraduate levels.

2. Guidance in Teaching Climate and Energy Science – pages designed to help educators understand and be equipped to teach the big ideas in climate and energy science. 

3. The CLEAN Network – a community of professionals committed to improving climate and energy literacy.