Climate Education Regional Workshop in Silver Spring, MD

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 11:00 to 19:30

NOAA's Climate Stewards Education Project (CSEP) is collaborating with Federal, State and NGO partners to convene four climate-science workshops for formal and informal educators. Participants will hear from and interact with climate science, education and communication experts, and visit research facilities to explore foundational technologies and innovations in Earth-system research. This workshop in Silver Spring, Maryland will focus on the region and topical impacts of climate change, with a goal of connecting educators and their students/audiences to the best-available, science-based information and resources about climate change.

Register for the Silver Spring, Maryland workshop is open, however there are attendance limits for the workshop, and we are advertising them nationally.  Availability will be on a first come first serve basis, so register early for your workshop. Participation in the workshops is free, but attendees are responsible for arranging their own transportation, lodging and meals unless otherwise indicated in workshop details.  

All attendees will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation in the workshop as well as the number of professional development hours they have engaged in.  

Below are the location, date, location, and attendance limits for the upcoming workshop. Registration forms will be shut down when registration for that workshop has reached capacity. You will receive an email confirming your participation in the workshop. Attendance limits for the workshop is 100 educators.

Important Note: If you are a foreign national and wish to attend the workshops in Silver Spring, MD you MUST send an email to Peg Steffen,


Climate Education Workshop: Detailed Information

Silver Spring, Maryland

Dates & Times: 

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 8:00 am-4:30pm



NOAA Science Center

1305 East West Highway

Silver Spring, MD 20910 


Important Note:

If you are a foreign national and wish to attend this workshop, you MUST note it in your registration and send an email to: Peg Steffen,


Primary Contacts:  

Peg Steffen,

Bruce Moravchik,


Featured Presentations:

  • An introduction to global climate models, including a user friendly version that can be run on a desktop computer, allowing students to explore the subject of climate change in the same way that research scientists do. 
  • Simulations and Activities for Modeling planetary energy balance, tree rings, paleoclimates, the greenhouse effect, climate sensitivity and future climate projection.
  • Climate change poses some formidable communication and education challenges, as well as opportunities.  Simulation-based role-playing games offer a growing opportunity to provide powerful educational experiences.


Featured Activities:

  • Hands-On with NOAA’s Science on a Sphere, and new flat screen app!
  • Explore the drivers for change in sea level in a new app that includes a question-driven tour and an exploration of data that scientists collect.
  • Hands-On Activities and Simple Computer-based Simulations for Climate Modeling Education
  • SMARTIC role playing simulation for Polar regions based on the U.S. Navy Fleet Arctic Operation Game.
  • Carbon Journeys simulation for students and a new Risk Reduction Simulation for coastal hazards that encourages thinking about uncertainty.  
  • Design your own transition to a low-carbon global economy with the En-ROADS simulation


Notes on Food & Lodging:

  • There is no cost to attend this workshop.
  • Participants must make their own travel and overnight arrangements.
  • Meals will not be provided, but participants will be informed of the numerous and inexpensive dining options in walking distance.


For questions concerning the workshop including location and program questions, contact the workshop lead:

Silver Spring, MD - 


This workshop is part of the White House Climate Education and Literacy Initiative