Climate Information for Health, Energy, & Transportation

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 11:00 to Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 21:30

The 2014 CPASW Workshop will examine climate adaptation strategies for the health, energy, transportation, and national security sectors.

Taking place from Tuesday, May 6 to Thursday, May 8 at the Mason Inn Conference Center and Hotel in Fairfax, Va. on the George Mason University campus, NOAA's 12th annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop (CPASW) theme is “Climate Information for Health, Energy and Business Interests.” The 2014 CPASW theme will integrate both public and private sector interests in three important and timely aspects of American society that are rapidly evolving in response to climate challenges. Climate is a cross-cutting concern for all of these areas and provides a link for critical decisions in planning, allocating resources, sustaining development and management, and building resilient communities. Special presentations will also be given on the National Climate Assessments, the Intergovernmental Climate Change Panel Fifth Assessment Report, and the 2013 President’s Climate Action Plan.

The meeting will focus for one day each on health, energy and transportation. The format will include invited and contributed presentations on the day’s topic, with the morning session focused on public sector concerns, and the afternoon on private sector concerns.  Each session will feature a research presentation and an application presentation.

Who should attend the 12th Annual CPASW -- Climate researchers, climate product producers, and climate information users in the:

  • Heath sector (e.g., health care provider organizers and trade groups, health insurers and trade groups, health researchers and their professional societies, public health professionals and their professional societies)
  • Energy sector (i.e., production, management, regulation, and high-use industries)
  • Transportation and Tourism sectors (e.g., manufacturers, trade associations, regulators)


Registration for the event will begin on March 1 at:

Lodging and logisitcs information is currently available at:

For more information or questions please contact the workshop organizers: Marina Timofeyeva (, 301-713-1970 ext.131); Jenna Meyers  (, 301-713-1970 ext.123); James Kinter (, 703-993-5700); Edward Maibach (, 703-993-1587)

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