Rains arrived in California during January 2016, but the drought remains.

Free to good home! NOAA Climate.gov provides hundreds of images and maps that are free for re-use. This page gathers up links to our most popular El Niño and La Niña images.  

Answers to some of the questions that readers frequently ask NOAA experts about El Niño and La Niña.

ENSO diagnostic flowchart

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center monitors and issues outlooks for El Niño and La Niña using a 2-category (watch/advisory) alert system.

With this year's ongoing El Niño event, parts of East Africa may be ripe for a potential outbreak of Rift Valley Fever. See how government agencies are using climate data to help predict, and hopefully prevent, an outbreak of this deadly mosquito-borne virus that affects both people and valuable livestock.

Torrential rains, flash floods and mudslides in southern California were the result of the itinerate journey of an upper-level low pressure system.

(Video) Will the strongest El Niño in nearly 20 years affect your winter climate? The CPC's Mike Halpert discusses the seasonal outlook for Winter 2015-16.

Can we blame El Niño for this year’s global coral bleaching event?