Washington: Warming and Fires

This is a medium length video in a PBS News wrapper that presents scientific, social and economic impacts of forest fires in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State and focuses on the Tripod Fires of 2006 that burned 180,000 acres. ---- Dr. Susan Prichard reviews the causes of wildfires in Washington state, including the relationships between warming trends, pine bark beetles and wildfires. It looks specifically at the Tripod fire in 2006 which burned 180,000 acres. Diverse points of view as to the causes are given. Dr. Susan Prichard reviews the causes of wildfires in Washington state including the relationships among warming trends early snowmelt drier conditions infestations of mountain pine and spruce beetles and more frequent wildfires. 

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This video would be suitable for use in an ecology unit, in AP Environmental Science or Earth Environmental science courses. It might also be useful in geography, human geography and social studies classes. The quality of the film and the script could also be useful in film making classes or in a discussion about how science can be communicated effectively to a general audience. An interview with logger that disputes the scientist's views could be used to trigger interesting classroom discussion. A shorter version of this video that focuses more tightly on the bark beetle infestation is available on this site as CLEAN Resource #3021.

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