A Reader's Guide to Climate Change

In this activity from the Deep Earth Academy, students divide into groups to read and discuss one of nine short articles (1-2 pages) about research done by the Ocean Drilling Program. These articles discuss our understanding about past climate based on collected data. These articles briefly describe the research conducted and the findings. Students use the information from the article to complete a write-up that they share with other students. An extension activity involves examining ocean drilling data using Google Earth.

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Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Related ocean drilling activities and resources on paleoclimatology can be found at ANDRILL: http://www.andrill.org/flexhibit/index.html

The headline where it says (Not for the science wimpy!) should be covered before photocopying. No need scaring students who don't love science.

Showing a short movie about ocean drilling as an introduction to the topic could help engage students.

At pre-college level, one may want to use AVID or UDL reading strategies for assisting students with comprehension.

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