Equity and Climate

This classroom activity introduces equity issues surrounding climate change. Students research the assigned developed and developing nations, discuss climate change, and label the differences between energy usage and the effects of climate change on two world maps. In the end, the class negotiates an energy treaty.

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Kate Drake
Kelsey Poole
Earth Day Network

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Educator must manage the discussions carefully and push for negotiations in the debates.

Educator must be very careful that students do not leave lesson with a depressed feeling of "there is no hope," and instead implement a discussion on solutions.

To update activity, the educator may want to assign the reading of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty as homework.

Wikipedia should be used as a secondary source since some districts do not allow a wikipedia source.

Part of the Earth Day Network Carbon Footprints Theme for the National Environmental Education Week. Other lessons include: Biodiversity and Climate; Invasive Species and Climate; Food, Water and Climate; and Green Building and Climate.

Homework "Guiding Questions" should be discussed by group and facilitated by educator to ensure that the inequity of climate change is realized by the students.

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