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Weather and soil temperature observations from foreign countries, taken by foreign and American observers. Includes NOAA forms collected and archived at NCDC, and voluntary observer forms taken in Mexico, Central American and the Caribbean in the 19th century. Scanned from microfilm held at the N  ...
Surface Observations from Punta Arenas, in extreme southern Chile. WMO station ID 85934. Period of record 1896-1954. The original forms were scanned at the Museo Salesiano Maggiorino Borgatello, a private regional museum in Punta Arenas with funding provided by NOAA through the Environmental Serv  ...
The publication of the Bulletin of International Simultaneous Observations, began July 1, 1875, with daily maps added in 1877. It was published for distribution among cooperative observers only, and continued daily through 1887. Observations were taken simultaneously at 7:35am (later changed to 7  ...
Hourly observations journal from the National Observatory in Washington DC. The observatory is the first station in the United to produce hourly observations over a long period. The images were captured from microfilm held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in College Park  ...
Monthly weather records from U.S. Army Forts stations (~1820-1871), U.S. Army Signal Service Stations (1871-1892), Smithsonian Institution voluntary observer network (1848-1875), and other stations which conducted weather observations in the 19th century. Observations were generally conducted thr  ...
Hourly observations taken by U.S. Air Force personnel at bases in the United States and around the world. Foreign observations concentrated in the Middle East and Japan. Stations assigned WBAN numbers. Original forms sent from the Air Force to NCDC by agreement and stored in the NCDC archives.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) 200,000 historic snow survey records from 9 western states.
A storage gage is a precipitation gage that requires reading and maintenance only monthly or seasonal intervals. This library includes reports from such gages, offering monthly or sub-monthly precipitation especially from sparsely populated areas of the Western United States. Period of record 195  ...
Hourly precipitation data tabulated under the Work Projects Administration (WPA), a New Deal program created to reduce unemployment during the Great Depression. Forms capture extreme precipitation over periods ranging from five minutes to twenty-four hours. Scans captured from the microfilm colle  ...
Precipitation reports submitted on many form types, including tabular and autographic charts. Reports are almost exclusively from the US Cooperative Observer Network.

Showing 81 - 90 of 535 results
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