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Over one million images of National Coast & Geodetic Survey (now NOAA's National Geodetic Survey/NGS) forms captured from microfiche. Tabular forms and charts document tidal means and extremes, benchmarks, tabulations and compared readings. Period of record is 1822-1994. Scanned under the Climate  ...
Daily Series of Synoptic Weather Maps. Part I consists of plotted and analyzed daily maps of sea-level and 500-mb maps for 0300, 0400, 1200, 1230, 1300, and 1500 GMT. It was published from January 1899 through June 1971. Each volume of the series contains one sea level map and one 500-millibar ma  ...
Thermographs are weekly circular charts recording temperature at a given station. Includes hygrothermographs, long rectangular charts which which also capture humidity on the same chart. The National Climatic Data Center has hundreds of thousands more thermograph charts in physical media, which i  ...
Climatic atlas dated 1985, in Mongolian, with introductory material also in Russian and English. One hundred eight pages in single page PDFs.
Several different government offices have published the Daily weather maps over its history. The publication has also gone by different names over time. The U.S. Signal Office began publication of the maps as the War Department maps on Jan. 1, 1871. When the government transferred control of the  ...
Barograms are weekly rectangular charts recording barometric pressure at a given station. The US Weather Bureau assigned them Form Number 1068. The National Climatic Data Center has hundreds of thousands more barograms in physical media (primarily microfilm), which if scanned would be added to th  ...
Index of foreign weather data available on punched cards held at the Joint Punched Card Library in Asheville NC, produced in the late 1950s, and also station/data listing of domestic records available at NCDC (then the Weather Records Processing Center) on punched cards as of 1954.
State-by-state listing of weather records housed in the National Archives as of 1942. The original manuscript was published as one publication, but for ease of use was broken into and introduction document that summarizes early weather observation activities in the United States, and one file per  ...
Alphabetic listing by state of all the aviation, synoptic, supplementary airways, and similar observations on file at NCDC from the beginning of the record through 1981. Includes station latitude/longitude and elevation information, as well as station network and WBAN number.
East Point, Georgia is the former location of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Southeast regional Federal Records Center (FRC). The southeast FRC relocated to Ellenwood, GA in February 2005. This is the designated records facility for federal agencies in the southeastern U.  ...

Showing 161 - 170 of 535 results
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