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Substation history publications by state. Includes station metadata such as station name and location changes, observer names and changes, alternate station names. 1956 and/or 1982 edition for all fifty states and Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands
This publication contains hourly precipitation amounts obtained from recording rain gages located at National Weather Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and cooperative observer stations. Published data are displayed in inches to tenths or inches to hundredths at local standard time. HPD i  ...
This series consists of volumes entitled 'Meteorological Journal' (a regulation Navy-issue publication) which were to be completed by masters of merchant vessels during their voyages. Period of record 1878-1894, peak 1885-1886. Continuing the pioneering work undertaken by Lt. Matthew Fontaine Mau  ...
Deck logs for nine fisheries research vessels held in microfilm and book format at National Archives facilities in Washington DC and Silver Spring MD. They document temperature, pressure, and weather conditions in a standardized format. Period of record 1877-1925. Scanned through a partnership be  ...
Observations from Naval vessels, primarily American, taken once daily at Greenwich Noon time. Forms are monthly and were captured from records held at the National Archives. Period of record 1873-1902.
In 2006, the UK and NOAA's Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) funded the imaging of approximately 8,000 Royal Navy logbooks in the UK National Archives from the period around World War II (1937-47). By March 2006, the 267,874 resulting page images were shipped to CDMP for archival and   ...
The Reef Environmental Survey Project (REEF) mission to educate and enlist divers in the conservation of marine habitats is accomplished primarily through its Fish Survey Project. The Project was developed in 1990 with support from The Nature Conservancy and guidance by the Southeast Fisheries Sc  ...
Observations taken on board U.S. Navy and merchant marine vessels and submitted to the U.S. Weather Bureau. Merchant ships are of many nationalities, and mainly cover voyages in the North Atlantic and North Pacific.
Observations taken on board merchant marine vessels and submitted to the U.S. Weather Bureau. Ships are of many nationalities, and mainly cover voyages in the North Atlantic and North Pacific.
Effort of the US Weather Bureau to collect observations from ships at precisely the same time all across the globe. The goal was to present a complete picture of pressure, wind and weather covering the entire ocean once per day. The daily forms allow entry of the single observation.

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