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Late 19th century Weather Bureau publications and Congressional reports pertaining to weather. Set of Weather Bureau Snowfall Bulletins for Rocky Mountain states 1900-1903 scanned from the National Archives. This library also serves as the point of upload for NCDC order fulfillment staff when the  ...
Historical report (December 1937-April 1948) containing hydrologic information for the United States, divided into ten regions. While hourly precipitation tables followed by daily precip tables are the primary content, a few summaries and significant precipitation reports are included.
The CDNS was published from 1950 - 1980. Monthly and annual editions contain summarized climatological information from the following publications: Local Climatological Data (LCD), Climatological Data (CD), Monthly Climatic Data for the World (MCDW), Storm Data (SD), Mariners Weather Log (MWL), W  ...
Numbered series of NOAA publications that contain environmental information climate summaries and station normals. Each series contains a volume for each state, climate division, or station. Series that are or would be found in this library are as follows: -- No. 10: Climatic Summary of the Unite  ...
Climate Record Books contain daily, monthly, seasonal, and annual averages, extremes, or occurrences. Most data are sequential by period of record 1871-1910, 1911-1930, 1931-1950, 1951-1970, and 1971-1990. Climatological Record Books are prepared and maintained by National Weather Service station  ...
Major US airport weather stations monthly and annual publication containing station daily maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation amounts, and monthly summaries for heating and cooling degree days. Some stations provide daily snowfall, snow depth, evaporation, and soil temperature data. T  ...
Publication of monthly mean temperature, pressure, precipitation, vapor pressure, and hours of sunshine for approximately 2,000 surface data collection stations worldwide, and monthly mean upper air temperatures, dew point depressions, and wind velocities for approximately 500 observing sites.
Storm Data and Unusual Weather Phenomena' is a monthly publication containing a chronological listing, by state, of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, floods, drought conditions, lightning, high winds, snow, temperature extremes and other weather phenomena. The reports are provided by th  ...
Comma-delimited text files used to create the Local Climatological Data PDF files found in the Local Climatological Data library. Period of record begins in 1998, when LCDs began to transition from paper publication to digital publication.
Publication containing summaries from major U.S. airport stations that include a daily account of temperature extremes, degree days, hourly and daily precipitation amounts, winds, and abbreviated 3-hourly weather observations.

Showing 131 - 140 of 535 results
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