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The 4 Layer Upper Atmosphere Temperature (UAT) Climate Data Record (CDR) dataset is a monthly analysis of the tropospheric and stratospheric data using temperature sounding microwave radiometers flown on polar-orbiting weather satellites providing an important record of upper atmosphere temperatu  ...
The historical Merged Land-Ocean Surface Temperature Analysis (MLOST) is derived from two independent analyses, an Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST) analysis and a land surface temperature (LST) analysis using the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) temperature datab  ...
This data set is a record for the Northern Hemisphere (NH) Snow Cover Extent (SCE) Climate Data Record (CDR) spanning from October 4, 1966 to present, updated monthly after the 10th of each month. Data prior to June 1999 in the NH SCE CDR are based on satellite-derived maps of NH SCE produced wee  ...
This 36"x24" National Hurricane Center poster depicts the complete tracks of all major hurricanes in the north Atlantic and eastern north Pacific basins since as early as 1851. A major hurricane is defined as a category-3 hurricane or greater with sustained one-minute average winds of 111 mph (96  ...
GIS U.S. Monthly Extremes is a web based product that is extracted from the U.S. COOP Summary of the Month dataset (DSI-3220). This is meteorological data from the U.S. Cooperative Observer Network (COOP), which consists of stations operated by state universities, state or federal agencies, and a  ...
Monthly U.S. Snow Monitoring is a web based product available at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). The data is extracted from the digital dataset U.S. COOP Summary of the Month (DSI-3220). This is meteorological data from the U.S. Cooperative Observer Network (COOP), which consists of sta  ...
The NOAA Weather and Climate Toolkit is an application that provides simple visualization and data export of weather and climatological data archived at NCDC. The Toolkit also provides access to weather and climate web services provided from NCDC and other organizations. The Viewer provides tools  ...
Hurricane Gustav poster. Multi-spectral image from NOAA-17 shows Hurricane Gustav having made landfall along the Louisiana coastline. Poster size is 36?x27?
Hurricane Ike poster. Multi-spectral image from NOAA-15 shows Hurricane Ike in the Gulf of Mexico heading toward Galveston Island, Texas. Poster size is 36?x27?.
Hurricane Irene poster. Color composite GOES image shows Irene moving through the North Carolina Outer Banks on August 27, 2011. Poster size is 36?x27?

Showing 111 - 120 of 478 results
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