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Wind and radiation data from stations in the National Weather Service Cooperative Observers Network. Some precipitation and pressure forms are mistakenly placed in this library.
Preliminary Local Climatological Data, recorded since 1970 on Weather Burean Form 1030 and then National Weather Service Form F-6. The preliminary climate data pages consist of 3 parts: Part 1 is the site information including the station location, the month and year of the report, and the latitu  ...
Phenology is the scientific study of periodic biological phenomena, such as flowering, breeding, and migration, in relation to climatic conditions. The few records in this library document blooming dates of plants including fruit trees, and also bird migration and other animal activity.
Diaries and Journals containing weather information in a non-tabular format. Records date from 1735 through the early 20th century. Much of the weather and climate data recorded by the founding fathers of this country (Washington, Jefferson and Franklin to name a few) were archived in original ma  ...
Surface weather observation forms for 26 stations in Uruguay. Period of record 1896-2005, with two to eight observations per day. Files created through a collaboration between NCDC's Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) and the Uruguayan National Meteorological Service (NMS). Paper recor  ...
Mexican Surface Daily Observations taken at 94 observatories located throughout Mexico, beginning in 1872 and going up through 1981. The data resided on paper records stored in non-climate-controlled conditions, and were therefore subject to deterioration and loss. This Climate Dabase Modernizat  ...
Weather and soil temperature observations from foreign countries, taken by foreign and American observers. Includes NOAA forms collected and archived at NCDC, and voluntary observer forms taken in Mexico, Central American and the Caribbean in the 19th century. Scanned from microfilm held at the N  ...
Surface Observations from Punta Arenas, in extreme southern Chile. WMO station ID 85934. Period of record 1896-1954. The original forms were scanned at the Museo Salesiano Maggiorino Borgatello, a private regional museum in Punta Arenas with funding provided by NOAA through the Environmental Serv  ...
The publication of the Bulletin of International Simultaneous Observations, began July 1, 1875, with daily maps added in 1877. It was published for distribution among cooperative observers only, and continued daily through 1887. Observations were taken simultaneously at 7:35am (later changed to 7  ...
Hourly observations journal from the National Observatory in Washington DC. The observatory is the first station in the United to produce hourly observations over a long period. The images were captured from microfilm held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in College Park  ...

Showing 101 - 110 of 492 results
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