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NASA ice expert Claire Parkinson does the math on global sea ice and confirms that small gains around Antarctica do not cancel out large losses in the Arctic.

How do we verify forecasts that use probabilities? Read on to find out.

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A stalled atmospheric set-up has made Boston and surrounding areas in the Northeast the most popular truck stop for storms travelling the atmospheric highway known as the jet stream. And stop they have, like a caravan of tractor-trailers idling in a rest stop parking lot.

February 25, 2015
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Scientist and media designer Dr. Jason Hodin from the VirtualUrchin and Inquiry-to-Insight (I2I) teams at Stanford University and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) will lead an overview and walkthrough of "Our Acidifying Ocean", an interactive tutorial and virtual lab's freely-available activities with specific discussion of how to involve your students.